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纪念Charles Mioskowski博士

图1、Dr. Charles Mioskowski (1947-2007)

果不是今天读到Campidelli/Meneghetti/Prato在"Small"上的Highlight文章(见《综述推荐:SWNT Separation by Metallicity》),我还不知道法国Strasbourg大学的Charles Mioskowski博士已经故去。

对Mioskowski博士的印象完全是从论文上 - 他在纳米管方面的文章一共也就只有5篇(search results from ISI Web of Science, 09/05/07),其中两篇却给我留下不可磨灭的印象:

1. Balavoine, F; Schultz, P; Richard, C; Mallouh, V.; Ebbesen, T. W.; Mioskowski, C. “Helical crystallization of proteins on carbon nanotubes: A first step towards the development of new biosensors"Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 1999, 38 (13-14), 1912-1915.

2. Richard, C; Balavoine, F; Schultz, P; Ebbesen, T. W.; Mioskowski, C. "Supramolecular self-assembly of lipid derivatives on carbon nanotubes" Science 2003, 300, 775-778.

这两篇的内容分别是描述某些蛋白质(Angew.Chem., 1999)和表面活性剂分子(Science, 2003)在特殊条件下用透射电镜观察到的在碳管(主要是多壁管)表面的规整排列。对这两篇文章我其实是含着复杂的情绪:虽说我由于这类漂亮实验的低重复性从而对它的科学性抱着强烈的怀疑,我却非常敬佩作者们的想象力和毅力。

图2、(left) Extracted view from TEM data of streptavidin arrays helically decorated on MWNTs (ref 1); (right) TEM image of ordered decoration of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) on MWNTs (ref 2).






Charles Mioskowski has passed away

Charles Mioskowski has passed away on June 2nd, 2007.

Charles Mioskowski passed away on June 2nd, 2007 at 60 years old. He fought illness bravely and with dignity for about 2 years. He was an exceptionally gifted research director working at both the University of Strasbourg and at CEA Saclay. Charles Mioskowski was an outstanding researcher with national and international renown encompassing both industry and academia. He worked in numerous fields of chemistry, including techniques in organic synthesis, total synthesis of biological target molecules, catalytic antibodies, applied chemistry in structural biology, nanosciences, combinatorial chemistry and high-throughput screening.

After graduating from the Strasbourg School of Chemistry, Charles Mioskowski began his research career with a thesis in organic chemistry at Strasbourg University. After a post-doctoral fellowship in the laboratory of Professor E.J. Corey (winner of the 1990 Nobel Prize in Chemistry) at Harvard University, he returned to France in 1985 to set up and run a laboratory at the Strasbourg Faculty of Pharmacy (University Louis Pasteur). In 1991, he was also named director of the Department of Molecular Labelling and Bio-organic Chemistry at the CEA’s Saclay-based Institute of Biotechnologies (iBitec-S).

Charles Mioskowski had published over 350 publications and launched 25 patents, and had won a number of prizes and awards, including A CNRS bronze medal, the French Academy of Sciences Jungfleich award, the German Chemistry Society’s Grignard-Wittig Award, the French Chemistry Society’s Le Bel prize, or the French Society of Medicinal Chemistry Charles Mentzer Prize.

Open-minded and a top-class tutor, Charles Mioskowski continued to teach in a number of universities (including Strasbourg and Paris XI - Orsay) throughout his career. His expert skills were passed on over a hundred young researchers, most of whom have gone on to take key academic or industry research roles. Indeed, it is through a whole generation of researchers that his passion, his enthusiasm will live on.

Charles Mioskowski was a major founder of the IBAAC network and an important contributor to the project. He was greatly appreciated by his colleagues both as a brilliant scientist and as a pleasant man. He will be deeply missed.

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